I can still hear the oft-spoken words of my mother: “Go stand over there and smile!” It didn’t matter if it was at a birthday party or a family vacation, my mom loved taking photos of us when we were growing up.  And several times a day, she’d utter those words I hated hearing oh-so-much. […]

“Love is a four-legged word.” ~Author Unknown You’ve had a long day.  Your energy is sapped; beyond what happened at work, traffic on the way home was…well, just another day in the DC area.  Staggering towards the front door, you fumble for your keys.  And then, as they jingle when you pull them from your […]

This year, one of our biggest goals is creating and investing in partnerships: with other photographers, vendors, businesses, and customers. One of the first people who came to mind with this partnering intention was an incredible and talented photographer we have known since 2013, Shelley Erickson of Shelley Castle Photography. Shelley is not only a […]

Normally, when we plan an engagement session, our first question is, “What do you like to do together?” Sean & Jimena took that question and ran with it. The engagement session followed them to some of their favorite spots, including Eastern Market, District Taco, Union Station, and of course, Board Room (including a rousing game of […]